Our mission is the protection of the environment and all its inhabitants. We are an innovative group of companies that work with communities, governments and businesses to clean up and conserve our environment from hydrocarbon pollution utilizing our competencies, skilled collaborators and capacity developed in years of experience.

Every project we undertake follows a road map starting with detailed analysis of input data in terms of capability, performance and guarantees to provide sustainable plants and systems. The regular and continuous check of the projects together with the clients enables us to complete the projects on the prefixed time.

Our vision is designing and providing Zero Emission Plants for the complete protection of workers, inhabitants and the environment.

Technofluids s.r.l.

Via A. De Gasperi 37, 42012 Campagnola Emilia (RE) ITALY

TEL. +39 0522 750220
FAX. +39 0522 753288