Energy and Environment are core values for life on the planet and should be maintained for better living. With experience more than 40 years, Technofluids s.r.l. was established in 2006 and grown as a international technology holding company in which a research and development about energy and environment solutions is focused on.

We provide customers with various advanced energy and environment solutions from the separation technology for non-miscible liquids such as a mixture of hydrocarbon and water, to energy from renewable sources.

One of our patent technologies, WaterWall® can be used in a complete separation of non-miscible liquids at considerably higher flow rate than usual separation devices. The innovative separation technology is a significant breakthrough for water treatment solutions, environmental remediation and any other application where oily water is a concern.

TTVM/G® is a volumetric heat engine which can use renewable energy sources such as biomass combustion, solar and geothermal heat, or waste heat sources to produce electric power. Regenerating electric power from waste heat leads to lower energy bills and reduce carbon emissions.

Technofluids' businesses are organized to deliver all the patent technologies around the world need in which Oil & Gas industry, petrochemicals, metalworking industry, heavy industry, military, marine and shipbuilding are included. Some tests carried out in the port of Brindisi in which we have demonstrated the efficiency of the treatment greatly exceeding the legal limits imposed for the discharge of bilge water into the sea. Also Technofluids was selected from over 70,000 international companies by the American Coast to treat the oiling swamps of Louisiana as a result of spillage of oil into the sea from Horizon platform of BP, the environmental disaster that struck the coast of Mexico.

We believe we can help you solve your energy and environment problems with saving your time and money.

Technofluids s.r.l.

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