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Energy from Renewable Sources

Technofluids technologies for the production of energy from renewable sources can be identified in two main components, which can easily be standardized for series production of pre-defined module equipment.  We are talking about heat exchangers and thermo-volumetric motor, which use salt hydrates to ensure melting temperature thermal constants by phase change heat storage. 

The thermo-volumetric motor is a very compact rotating volumetric machine, with multiple effect and low friction: except for the driving shaft, it has no inner gear nor drive systems, it has no sliding seal and can bear large amounts of condensing fluid. For this reason it is a fairly simple and economic system to be realized.

By means of a phase change thermal storage, which works even in case of temperature variations or temporary power failures, heat exchangers ensure that set temperatures are kept constant. 

The molecules used for thermochemical storage are of inorganic type as some salt hydrates having melting points ranging between –30°C and 90°C, average densities of the order of 1.6 g/cm3 and specific heats of the order of 1.7 J/g°C - with latent heats of the order of 260 J/g.

Talking about the whole system, we can state that we can produce energy from dispersed or unused heat sources with temperatures higher than 30°C. With reference to the Carnot cycle, efficiency ranges between 60% and 80%.

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