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Integrated Treatment of Oil Wastes

Within the research project of an important oil company, Technofluids Group has carried out tests on a process oil waste, which were aimed at checking:

1. the bacterial count decrease;
2. the removal of suspended solids;
3. the reduction in soluble hydrocarbons content.

 The basic technology that was used in the tests is an innovative flocculation system for which Technofluids Group owns the intellectual property.

Tests highlighted the bacterial count removal (after treatment the value changed from 1.1 x 107 to n.a. As for the suspended solids, they have been substantially reduced through the sedimentation of the treated waste. Full removal has been indeed possible by using a self-cleaning filter in a later filtering (initial count being 161 mg/l, reduced to 33mg/l after the first step and to 0 after filtering). Test has also revealed a significant reduction in dissolved hydrocarbons (from 87 mg/l to 1.8 mg/l after treatment).

The integrated treatment for bacterial count reduction in process water proposed by Technofluids has given a positive result. The test in which the treatment was preceded by acidification with hydrochloric acid (up to pH 2.5-3) showed the removal of the bacterial count.

As for the reduction of suspended solids, the treatment alone followed by sedimentation leads to a decrease in their total content, but not to their removal. The complete removal of suspended solids is only possible after filtering the treated waste. Thanks to Technofluids integrated treatment, it is now possible to almost completely remove the hydrocarbons content.

Our integrated treatment process can be applied into the treatment of produced waters in shale gas and oil & gas fields.

▶ Download PDF: "Treating and recycling flow-back water from shale gas zone and produced water from oil & gas field"