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Solid/liquid Separation

After developing a filtering system to recycle completion fluids in the Oil & Gas sector, Technofluids Group has adapted the same technology to the removal of suspended solids from metal processing fluids and neat oils.

Technofluids technology employs a pre-coated horizontal disc system. Horizontal discs are the only ones that can guarantee filtering panel integrity even after accidental interruptions of the filtering process. There is no risk for the panel even in case of incorrect operations and/or power failure.

The volume of the special pre-coat used is not subject to any variation - not even in presence of water or oil - so filtering pore restriction and consequent increase of charge losses through the filtering panel are avoided.

The fully automatic system includes pre-coat dosing and a preparation tank equipped with a piston pump for pre-coat feeding. The waste pre-coat drain is fully automatic. The system is then equipped with a complete electric panel equipped with all controls and protections necessary to ensure safe and reliable operation.

We provide also another solution of solid/liquid separation - purification process of polar liquid wastes containing colloidal dispersions of solvated particles, Techno-Floc®.