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Total Oil Sludge Management

Complete oil sludge management, remediation and water treatment technologies and services

As legislation continues to tighten, environmental awareness increases, resulting in a need for well proven solutions to difficult problems. Technofluids has been working specifically on engineering solutions to oily sludge problems. We focus on safety and the environment at all times.

Working closely with many of the major oil companies globally, Technofluids is recognized as a world leader offering “Total Sludge Management Solutions”. The level of repeat business contracts continues to increase reflecting customer confidence in the Technofluids products and services.

Product Range
Quantifying the volume and location of sludge in oil storage tanks has previously caused a problem for maintenance, accounting and planning purposes. The Technofluids SPOT system provides the solution.

Removing and handling sludges can be potentially difficult and dangerous operation due to the problems with confined spaces. Technofluids has developed the Tank Cleaning System to deal with this problem.

The wide variety of difficult oil sludges produces all around oil refineries has environmental, financial and operational implications worldwide. The Technofluids Oil Recovery System has provided a way forward.

The Way Forward
Technofluids believes that continuous improvement is the key to success. Initially we focused on the design and build of a range of mobile containerized equipment resulting in the solution being taken to the problem. This type of equipment remains popular and is exported to 40 countries around the world.

As Technofluids moves successfully into the new millennium, the focus has broadened to now offer a variety of alternatives including semi-permanent installations. This enables smaller quantities of sludge to be treated on a regular/on-going basis.